Deena Ministries is a non profit ministry of the Lord which began in the early 1980's, even before Deena recorded her first album (The Witness: 1988).

Since then, God has expanded this ministry, both in how far He reaches out to people, and in what ways. This ministry not only reaches those in the area where Deena lives, but also across the nation and even internationally. 

We've been blessed by God to be able to send Bibles and study materials to those who are in need. We are not able to mail out free tapes and CDs at this time, but you can listen to some of Deena's songs by clicking the link below.

Please pray that God continues to bless this ministry.
Thank you, and May God bless you in your ministry.
All Her Life     Bless the Child     Rock in My Pocket
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The picture to the right is of Deena during the early ministry days.
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Deena Ministries is a ministry of Owings Presbyterian Church in Owings, SC.
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