Confessing my sins and accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior was the wisest thing I could ever do, but it doesn't make life easy, nor does it stop me from experiencing pain and sorrow;  however, having the Lord on my side gives me the strength and comfort I need to carry me through those trials in life.

After I accepted Christ, I longed to find a place to worship, fellowship, and learn more about the Lord. Since I wasn't saved during a church service, I didn't know where to begin. I finally found a congregation to worship with, and I vowed to God to attend faithfully.  Because there were no members there my age, I found that vow difficult to keep. For the next few years, I didn't do much growing, but my desire to serve God and abide in Him remained.

In 1984, God led me to a church with many people my age, and children of all ages. I was baptised by submersion, and I began to feel like I had a "family". I attended this church for several years and even became a part of the bus ministry. My song writing began to grow in a way that was pleasing to God. He provided opportunities for me to sing in church. These opportunities were encouraging to me in my walk with the Lord.

On April 15, 1986;  six women including myself, met at one house for a Bible Study. The hostess had invited her cousin and friend who had been studying God's Word deeply for years. That first meeting was wonderfully edifying and led to weekly meetings over the next year. Each of the six women developed a deeper knowledge of the spiritual realm and closer relationship with God. With each meeting the attendance grew. After that year, many of the women were led to other churches and ministries.

During the next few years, my music ministry grew in such a way that has changed my life in an immense way. The more I dug deeply into God's Word, the more lyrics and music began to flow from within my spirit. In 1988, I recorded my first tape entitled "The Witness." One song on this tape, "Hello Mama" touched the lives of many women and inspired those in pro-life ministries.

In 1989, I was led to give one of my tapes to Rutherford Banda, teen missionary from Malawi, Central Africa,who I met at a church in a nearby town. Rutherford and other teens from around the world were witnessing and ministering in various cities in the USA through personal testimony, song, dance and puppetry. This ministry was made possible through Teen Missions International in Merritt Island, Florida. A few years later, I received a request  for a copy of my tape from another Malawian who heard the music while visiting Rutherford. This was the birth of  Malawian Ministries
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