I believe music is one of God's most precious gifts to His children and is one of the most loving ways we can worship Him.

I feel l was blessed with this gift as far back as I can remember. As a young child, I sat under my baby sister's crib  (so she couldn't see me)  and sang her to sleep.  As a pre-teen,   I remember rearranging the words of an old popular tune to turn it into a song about the Lord. In my teen years, I wrote a song (words and music) about Christmas, which was later rewritten (by me as a Christian) to remind us to not forget Christ.

In the 80's I spent a lot of time growing; emotionally and spiritually. I began to write several songs for the Lord. One day, I was led to write a song about abortion. As I was telling a friend about it, she began to cry. She shared her personal testimony of how as a teenager, she became pregnant and had an abortion. She asked me to be sure and mention God's forgiveness in the song. That is when I wrote "Hello Mama"; a song about a baby in Heaven singing to "Mama" who had gotten an abortion.

When another friend heard the song, she said "You have to record that song!". Because I had been hearing similar comments over the years, I didn't think much of what she said and replied, "Okay.". The next day, she called and gave me the date and time she had set for me to be at the recording studio! Not sure I could do it alone, I called some of my Christian, musician friends
who came to my rescue. We rehearsed 12 of my songs for 2 days and began the recording of  "The Witness" on the 3rd day.

I don't really consider myself to be a professional musician. I am a minister of music though, as God has called me to be. I do hope He blesses you with this music as He has done for me.
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The Witness
God's Gift of Music:  by Deena Medlin
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