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One Early Morning
The Answer
Take the Time
Rock in My Pocket
This Time of Year
All Her Life
Praise the Lamb
Bless the Child
God and King

About Family Album:
Lyrics and Music:
Praise the Lamb:  Tonya Taylor & Deena Medlin
All Other Songs:   Deena Medlin
Produced:   God (Jehovah Adonai)
Arranged:   Deena
Recorded:   GP Studios, Honea Path, SC
Engineer &
Mix:             Larry Jenkins

©1997 Deena

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Teresa Fowler: 
Larry Jenkins:
Richie Jenkins:
Janice Kennett:
Deena Medlin:

Bill Moody:

Teresa Noble:

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Music:  Family Album
Background Vocals
Bass Guitar
Drums and Background Vocals
Background Vocals
Lead Vocals, Acoustic
and Electric Guitar, 
Background Vocals
Mandolin, Acoustic
and Electric Guitar,
Background Vocals
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