Nutritional Guidelines Contents
from Deena's Nutritional Guidelines Booklet

Who Reads Introductions?

1. “Let Food Be Thy Medicine…” (An Essay by Deena)

2. Before & After (You asked for photos!)

3. Dietary Needs Assessment Survey  (close the page to return here)

4. Eat Right - Rid Toxins - Burn Calories ~ Gain Strength ~ Live Well

5. Our Body Cycles

6. The Low Carb Diet Craze

* Understanding Carbohydrates

* What about Protein?

7. “Eat Right For Your Blood Type”

8. Eat All Colors of Foods

* Super Foods List

* Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

* Get Back to Your Roots

9. Omega 3 - What is it?

10. Guidelines for Buying Good Healthy Oils

11. Water - Is It Really That Important?

12. Staying in Shape
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