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from Deena's "Nutritional Guidelines" Booklet

I believe there are three key principles in gaining control of our weight. We need to understand our own bodies. Each of us is made differently. Certain things are going to work better for one and other things for another. However; we are all created basically the same, and some things are just good practice no matter who we are and how we are built. These three principles are explained in the following paragraphs.

  • What We Eat - How Much, In What Combinations

  • When We Eat - How Often, Time of Day

  • What We Do When We Aren’t Eating; Work - Rest - Play

What We Eat

We’ve been told over the years that in order to lose weight we need to limit our fat, caloric and even our carbohydrate intake. As accurate as this advise is, the information that follows has either been too little or too much. Either extreme can hinder our efforts and can even be detrimental to our health. Our bodies were created to work properly when cared for in the right way. That care includes the nutrients* God created for our health, appropriate exercise, and plenty of rest.

Each one of us is genetically and biochemically unique.

Eating right and getting not just nutritional supplementation but the right nutritional supplementation are essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

With your uniqueness foremost in mind, Mannatech has developed the comprehensive Dietary Needs Assessment survey to help you to make the best choices about your diet and supplements. This self-assessment will help you:

select the most appropriate diet

understand many of your individual traits, and

make the healthiest lifestyle choices for long-term wellness.

The quick Dietary Needs Assessment Survey** on the next few pages will help you identify your specific type. Once you have scored the survey and identified your Type, find the Results and Recommendations listed for that Type in the pages following the Survey. This will give you a brief understanding of your Type and what foods and supplements are best suited for you. * Survey developed by Manntech

** Due to a lack of nutrients in even the best of diets today, I recommend quality supplements.

When We Eat

When we eat is just as important as what we eat. Our body goes through three cycles: Appropriation (eating and digesting), Assimilation (absorption and use), and Elimination (of body wastes and food debris) To learn more about these cycles and how understanding them can help you, read “Body Cycles”, a chapter in this booklet.

What We Do When We Aren’t Eating

Of the 24 hours in each day most of us sleep an average of 7 hours and work an average of 8. It takes 30 - 45 minutes to eat a meal and 5 - 15 minutes for a snack. On average we are eating for 2 hours each day. That leaves 6 - 7 hours for rest, play and for exercise. I know many people who spend that much time reading, watching television, playing video games and/or spending time on their computer. When does that leave time for exercise? To learn more about the right kind of exercise, read “Staying In Shape”, a chapter in this booklet.
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