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"Let Food be Thy Medicine..."
an Essay by Deena
from Deena's "Nutritional Guidelines" Booklet

Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

To be an American of today is to have an especially difficult challenge physically, mentally and spiritually. I greatly aspire to broaden my knowledge and understanding of nutrition that I might help others and myself to achieve the benefit of optimal wellness. Setting my goals high, I select Clayton College of Natural Health as my first choice for furthering my education in holistic nutrition.

In America, one of the richest countries in the world, we have almost too much easy accessibility to both good and bad food. Intellectual information and misinformation often play a role in the decisions we make concerning food choices. Although we have the means to become educated about food as illness prevention and natural medicine, we choose to close our eyes to the truth and continue to consume foods that history has proven are detrimental to our very lives. It should be just a matter of good judicial choice but it is much more complicated than that. Overriding it all in mainstream America, the nebulous goal is to achieve monetary wealth in place of moderation and common sense. This generates constant pressure to reach ever-higher styles of living creating an unhealthy cycle as time, energy and spirituality spiral downward into exhaustion, depression and waste. Inadequate nutrition, increased stress, environmental poisons all conspire to damage and weaken our immune function making us susceptible to disease. To choose a different path is to disconnect from all this in order to accomplish restoration of body, mind and spirit.

Too many Americans are unmindful to the critical role that nutrition serves in their overall health and well being. At no other time in history has the condition of our immune system been so critical. Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mother who was acutely aware of the benefits of good nutrition. She instilled in her children the desire to make healthy choices based on the insight she shared as well as what we could gain from further education. I, in turn, passed that insight and desire on to my children who have continued the legacy with their own children. I now see a great need in my immediate and extended communities for the same fortune my family has reaped for generations. I also realize there is even more I can learn to personally achieve greater holistic well being.

The history of Clayton College of Natural Health is inspiring to me. I’m impressed with the familial aspect of the two original colleges as well as the union made in the late nineties between Clayton College and world-renowned nutrition and natural health researcher, Emanuel Cheraskin. Although I have friends and acquaintances that attend other health colleges and have encouraged me to join them, my ambition is aimed in the direction of the school I consider being the best choice for me.

Do nutritionally poor Americans stand a chance of becoming healthy? They do if we will first broaden our nutritional understanding and then share that prosperity with those around us. In order to do my part, I want the best opportunities available for developing my education in holistic nutrition.

An essay by Deena Maria B. Medlin 2004

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